Monday, April 25, 2011

Mapping Minneapolis' Tree Canopy - Minneapolis, MN

A land cover classification of Minneapolis with overall accuracy of 92% was generated using a combination
of high resolution (0.6-meter) multispectral satellite imagery and lidar data. Lidar with its information on tree height was especially useful.

The City was covered by Existing tree canopies of 31.5% (11,569 acres) in 2009. Trees could potentially, under the right circumstances, cover an additional 37.5% (13,684 acres); termed Possible UTC, these areas include grass and impervious surfaces (e.g., parking lots). The remaining 31% (11,479 acres) of the City’s area of buildings, streets, water and other permanent features is generally unsuited to UTC improvement. Many factors determine where and when trees are planted and maintained, but a UTC assessment is an
essential first step of determining where trees can be planted if the requisite social-political and financial capital exists.

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