Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time to start counting trees - Moorestown needs you for tree inventory help - Moorestown, NJ

Moorestown Sun - Time to start counting trees

Moorestown is known for its scenic, lush, tree-lined streets, but did you ever wonder how many of them there are? What shape they’re in, or how about how many different kinds there are?

Members of the township’s tree planting and preservation committee are figuring that out with a township-wide tree inventory that aims to maintain trees as an asset to the community.

The endeavor began in Spring 2009 and involves collecting data about each tree in the township’s tree canopy – the trees that line township and county roads in Moorestown.

The third round of the inventory is scheduled to kick off in just a few days, and the committee is asking for your help.

So, put on a pair of comfy shoes, grab a measuring tape, and get ready to help as inventory season gears up for a May 5 kickoff.

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