Monday, April 25, 2011

UVM Spatial Analysis Lab issues report on Montgomery County's tree canopy; 50% - Montgomery County, MD

An analysis of Montgomery County’s tree canopy based on land cover data
derived from high-resolution aerial imagery and LiDAR (Figure 1) found that
157,219 acres of the county were covered by tree canopy (termed Existing
TC), representing 50% of all land in the county.  An additional 43% (136,888
acres) of the county could theoretically be modified (termed Possible TC) to
accommodate tree canopy (Figure 2). In the Possible TC category, 5%
(15,066 acres) of the county was classified as Impervious Possible TC and
another 38% was Vegetated Possible TC (121,822 acres).  Vegetated Possible
TC, or grass and shrubs, is more conducive to establishing new tree canopy,
but establishing tree canopy on areas classified as Impervious Possible TC
will have a greater impact on water quality and summer temperatures.

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