Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Minneapolis urban tree canopy tree mapping: How does your neighborhood measure up? - Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis tree mapping: How does your neighborhood measure up? | The Cities | Minnesota Public Radio
A new tree-mapping study by the University of Minnesota is helping the city of Minneapolis see which parts of the city have the most trees. Nearly a third (31.5 percent) of the land in Minneapolis is tree canopy, and the study says there's room for even more. The study is part of the city's effort to respond to emerald ash borer and other diseases. One interesting part of the project looks at all the city's neighborhoods. Professor Marv Bauer at the U of M Department of Forest Resources sent me the image below. It shows which neighborhoods have the most tree canopy. The most tree-happy neighborhoods are the ones where tree canopy made up between 41 and 60 percent of the land. They are: Cleveland, Folwell, Waite Park, Audubon Park, Willard-Hay, Bryn Mawr, Kenwood, Linden Hills, Fulton, Lynnhurst, Tangletown, Field, Page, Hale, Minnehaha, Hiawatha, Cooper and Howe. The downtown area and some industrial areas had the lowest percentages of tree canopy. UTC stands for "urban tree canopy." (Map of Minneapolis neighborhoods here.)

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