Sunday, April 24, 2011

City Tries Out a Goat Friendly Way to Get Rid of Weeds - Charlottesville, VA

City Tries Out a Goat Friendly Way to Get Rid of Weeds - NBC29 "We are testing to see if the goats are as good at cleaning out invasives and protecting the tree canopy as we can do with manual labor with equipment or possibly with chemicals," said Chris Gensic of Charlottesville Parks and Recreation. The hungry goats are being kept inside an electric fence between the playground and little league field. Along with the fence, two guard dogs stand by their side. The goats are also catching the eye of people using the park. "This is agri-tainment. In addition to earth friendly brush clearing, the goats are about as entertaining an animal as you can watch," said Goodling. The owner of Goat Busters says the goats do produce between 40 and 50 pounds of natural fertilizer each day, which will help rejuvenate the grounds - just watch where you step.

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