Friday, August 28, 2009

GA Sustainable Community Forestry Program identifies Tree Canopy Loss and Impervious Surface Gain mapping as signature project; GA

Tree Canopy Loss and Impervious Surface Gain « Sustainable Community Forestry:
Recently, the Sustainable Community Forestry Program (SCFP) staff was asked to select one project or one component of the program that would convey the importance of SCFP to Georgians and to Georgia’s natural resources. The choice was obvious. The following Tree Canopy and Impervious Surface Study, completed by Dr. Elizabeth Kramer at the University of Georgia Natural Resources Spatial Analysis Laboratory(NARSAL), has been widely used by communities across the state working to conserve their tree canopy and Georgia’s precious natural resources. Startling images and data confirm previous estimates of 50 acres of trees a day lost to development in metro Atlanta, all of which were replaced with impervious surfaces. And, similar trends continued across the state in Savannah, Columbus and other fast growing metropolitan areas.

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