Monday, August 17, 2009

More north Texas cities focus on saving trees; Fort Worth, TX

More Tarrant cities focus on saving trees | Fort Worth |
Burleson among latest to look at value of protecting greenery in time of high growth
Imagine tree-lined streets and heavily wooded areas seemingly left untouched by development in a city experiencing an explosion of growth.
That is a vision Burleson leaders cling to as rooftops continue to pop up on the horizon and the extension of Southwest Parkway from Fort Worth promises even more.
It’s also why Burleson is considering adopting an ordinance designed to save trees and create green space. But unlike other municipalities, the city is taking an approach that its leaders hope will save its leafy canopies in huge swaths, not one piece of property at a time.
'There was a lot of clear-cutting' when the city began growing years ago, said Shai Roos, community and economic development director . 'What we’d like is a city with nice, preserved areas where we can walk like we are in the countryside.'

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