Friday, August 7, 2009

Commentary: Put the actual green back into "Green" movement - not just about density but also trees and greenspace; Berkeley, CA

Green Should Be Green. Reader Commentaries from The Berkeley Daily Planet - Thursday August 06, 2009

By John Koenigshofer
Thursday August 06, 2009
Early environmentalists believed that limiting population growth was the foundation for all efforts to preserve our natural world. Today’s urban environmentalists have a different view. Green is not literally green anymore. It does not mean grass, trees, open space or anything resembling nature but is a code word for increased population density; an accommodation of limitless population growth.

The lack of vision in the current green movement is grossly apparent in Berkeley. As “progressives” and “environmentalists” congratulate themselves on their achievements, more and more people are crammed into smaller spaces with less trees, birds, and sunlight.

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