Monday, August 31, 2009

Program provides technical assistance to backyard fruit tree growers, connects harvests with food banks; Seattle, WA

Home & Garden Volunteers help homeowners with fruit trees Seattle Times Newspaper:
Even in a typical year, the plum tree in Monica and Heidi Risse's front yard spawns more plums than they can use.
Plums have gone to their Beacon Hill neighbors and to family. Monica used to take bags of them to work. The sisters have made plum sauce, attempted oven-dried plums and have plans to make plum jam. But this year, by their estimate, there are 20 times as many plums as usual.
Not bad for a tree they barely tend to. So when they heard about City Fruit, they jumped at the chance not only to have their fruit harvested but to learn how they could be better tree stewards.

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