Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In Galveston, dead trees see new life as art; Galveston, TX

In Galveston, dead trees see new life as art Houston & Texas News Chron.com - Houston Chronicle:
GALVESTON — The Dalmatian sitting outside the Galveston Central Fire Station isn't your ordinary mascot. This one is made of wood, carved over the weekend from a tree killed by salt water when Hurricane Ike inundated the city a year ago.
The sculpture is the first of dozens that the city's citizen Tree Committee hopes will grace parks and street corners throughout Galveston in an attempt to salvage beauty from the destruction of an estimated 40,000 trees.
“This helps heal that wound,” said Tree Committee member Donna Leibbert, referring to the outpouring of grief from the public over the destruction of at least half the island's tree canopy.

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