Monday, August 31, 2009

State street tree population needs more diversity but provides major benefits, has significant opportunity for enhancement; IN

State could use more and different urban trees Carroll County Comet:

Comet staff report

Indiana could benefit by having more and different trees lining its city streets, according to a study on the trees in 23 cities done for the state's Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry.
'Bringing about such change is important' DNR's Community and Urban Forestry (CUF) coordinator Pam Louks said, 'because the study also showed that Indiana's urban forests reward Hoosiers with nearly $79 million in annual benefits. The rewards include energy savings and reducing carbon in the atmosphere.'
The study, which was done for the CUF program, found that street trees throughout the state also return benefits by reducing ozone levels, volatile organic compounds such as sulfur dioxide and small particulate matter and improve storm water interception and reduction.
Economically, trees also make city streets look better, increase community economic vitality, increase real estate values and give residents a sense of place according to the study which was done by the Davey Resource Group.

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