Friday, August 14, 2009

Top Long Beach Post bold idea for city- plant a million trees; Long Beach, CA Bold Idea #1: One Million Trees
"Bold Idea #1: One Million Trees
by Brian Ulaszewski | Design In Place | 08.13.09 |
There is likely no greater value to a city’s environment that trees. They provide the oxygen we breathe while filtering pollution in the air. Trees supply shade for those on the ground and shelter for animals above. They raise property values and give character to communities. Some trees bear fruit while others simply provide comfort. They reduce the heat island effect while managing urban stormwater runoff. To plant a million trees in the City of Long Beach would make an incredible impact on the health of the local environment and its citizens. While some might decry this idea as unoriginal because of Los Angeles’s attempted to embark on the same initiative, it is truly bold because Long Beach is an eighth the size of its larger brother. To visually quantify a million trees, imagine a canopy of trees that covers eight square miles of the city’s surface.

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