Monday, July 6, 2009

'Lady Liberty' tree's final Fourth - bring me your sidewalks and sewers yearning to be free of roots...; Santa Ana, CA

'Lady Liberty' tree's final Fourth | porter, tree, trees, down, city - News -
Artist paints a mural on giant ficus slated for destruction on Monday.
The Orange County Register
HUNTINGTON BEACH – Lori Porter always thought the giant tree shading her porch swing was reminiscent of Lady Liberty.
The long branch stretching upward represents Liberty's arm holding a torch and the twisted roots are her flowing gown.
The ficus tree towering over Porter's home has been a favorite of her family for nearly 20 years. She would read to her granddaughter under its shade, listen to chirping birds nestled in its branches or stare up at its canopy while swinging on her porch.
But come Monday, her Lady Liberty will be gone.
The city of Huntington Beach will cut down the Porters' ficus tree, along with their neighbor's tree, because the roots have caused problems with the sidewalks and sewers, Porter said.

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