Thursday, July 2, 2009

State of the Urban Forest Report reveals UTC extent, dollar benefit of ecosystem services; Lake Oswego, OR

Report puts annual benefit of trees to Lake Oswego at $3 million -
Trees provide Lake Oswego with an annual benefit estimated at $3 million, according to a city report released last week.
The city-sponsored State of the Urban Forest Report also revealed that trees cover about 44 percent of the city, giving Lake Oswego one of the highest-density tree canopy covers in the metro area.
The report, discussed at last week's council meeting, was intended to inform future policy and fund allocations related to the urban forest.
Using data from both field surveys of the city's trees and satellite imagery of the city's canopy, the report highlighted the urban forest's economic returns, as well as the environmental benefits. Such benefits include storm water interception, energy conservation, carbon dioxide reduction and air quality improvement.

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