Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not all love trees - man pushes city for removal rather than ongoing pruning; Meriden, CT - Swain Ave. man wants troublesome trees gone
MERIDEN - The three massive oak trees overshadowing George Stringer's property have branches the length of a car. Looking up through the leafy canopy, past where the power lines pass underneath, large dead branches can be made out.

Stringer's two children, Michael and Kaitlin, walk under those branches on their way from their home at 410 Swain Ave. to school, and joggers and automobiles pass under them regularly, Stringer said, and he's not really comfortable with the situation.

When one of the branches falls onto his property, the city - which is responsible for trees within 10 feet of most roads- quickly sends a truck to pick it up, he said, but he'd like all the dead branches taken down or the trees removed.

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