Monday, July 27, 2009

Trees v. houses round 2: houses win; Seattle, WA

Local News | Deal struck; houses to move in Madrona | Seattle Times Newspaper
A pair of nearly century-old houses will move this weekend from Madrona to Madison Valley after the movers reached a deal with local homeowners to trim some of the tree canopy.

By Jonathan Martin
Seattle Times staff reporter

After dark tonight, a pair of nearly century-old houses will begin a slow tango down a Madrona neighborhood street that is not quite wide enough to fit them.
Under a deal cut earlier this month with homeowners along the route, the 1,900-square-foot houses — traveling at ¼ mile per hour — will pass under a now-cut urban canopy and over a planting strip that used to be home to several trees.
The deal ended an at times tense conflict between a group of homeowners who felt pressured into giving up their parklike canopy and a house-moving company, Nickel Bros., which sought to save and resell two homes that would otherwise be demolished by today to make way for a school expansion.

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