Friday, July 31, 2009

Why do the dormice cross the road? Whatever reason, roads are found to not be obstructions to habitat for them; Cornwall, UK

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Cornwall | Dormice cross roads to make homes

The Highways Agency tracked tagged dormice
Dormice in Devon and Cornwall are crossing some of the region's busiest roads - to make their home in the central reservation.
Conservationists say the tiny nocturnal animals are happily living and breeding on verges in the middle of roads such as the A30 and A38.
To make them more comfortable, nest boxes are being placed at some sites.
Experts spotted the animals after 50 were electronically tagged for a study into their movements.
The creatures have been found on dual-carriageway reservations at several sites, including Bodmin and Okehampton, the Highways Agency study found."

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