Wednesday, July 8, 2009

UGA grads form New Urban Forestry tree care firm, donate time to preserve landmark trees; Athens, GA

UGA grads donate time to preserve local landmarks | News |
By BLAKE AUED | | Story updated at 11:31 pm on 7/7/2009

A registry of landmark trees in Athens has grown to nearly 1,000 in four years, and a new local forestry service is looking to push the number even higher.
New Urban Forestry, started last year by two University of Georgia graduates, has volunteered this year to do free preservation work on five trees listed on the Athens-Clarke government's official registry of landmark trees.
'Having this designation allows folks to see these trees in a different light,' New Urban Forestry co-founder Kevin Hamman said.
Hamman and business partner John Ritzler said they spend most of their time caring for and managing nonlandmark trees for profit. But along the way, they encourage tree owners to register their unusually large or otherwise noteworthy trees with the county and work to ensure future generations can enjoy them.

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