Monday, July 27, 2009

Writer bemoans loss of street trees, calls for pesticide use rather than pre-emptive removal as beetle remedy; Dubuque, IA

TH - Opinion Article
Take steps to save ash trees from insect
A chemical solution can protect against the emerald ash borer and its damage.

Recently a large number of green ash trees along Asbury Road, within the city limits of Asbury, were removed. Some of the trees had been severely pruned to keep the branches out of the overhead lines and needed removal.
Where I take issue with the city of Asbury is in the removal of healthy ash trees from the north side of Asbury Road.
To imply the roots would get in the way of the sidewalks is dubious; in fact, where sidewalks were put in, compensation for tree growth had been made.
More distressing was the implication that the emerald ash borer would probably infect the trees in the near future anyway, so cut them down before they're infected.
I suggest a greener, safer, less-expensive alternative to our impending dilemma with this destructive insect.
Though many communities might choose not to deal proactively with the borer because of its cost on a large scale, individual homeowners can effectively treat their trees with both economy and reasonable assurance of success.

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