Monday, July 13, 2009

Local advocate presses city government to honor policy of replacing trees at two times the rate of removal; Pelham, Ontario, Canada

Pining for more trees in Pelham - Welland Tribune - Ontario, CA
Posted By WAYNE CAMPBELL/Tribune Staff
Posted 3 days ago
PELHAM — For more than 30 years Mike Jones has enjoyed the trees along Emmett St. in Fonthill.
It was a reason he bought a home there.
It was a reason why he got into the thick of a fight 10 years ago to preserve the high canopy over the street by joining the Pelham Tree Conservation Society.
It was the reason he sat on a committee to help the town create a protocol, Urban Forestry Guidelines of 2000, for replacing trees that had to be cut down because of age, damage or illness.
One tree in particular stood across the street from his home. It was a home to birds, squirrels and other small wildlife.
Earlier this year it became one of 57 trees the town had to cut down because of disease or damage in a major tree-cutting program that extended through last fall and winter.

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