Saturday, November 21, 2009

City of Galveston giving away trees to replenish 80% canopy loss; Galveston, TX

City of Galveston giving away trees to replenish island's canopy after Hurricane Ike - 11/20/09 - Houston News -
GALVESTON, TX (KTRK) -- Hundreds of trees are being given away in Galveston this weekend. The next step is for neighbors on the island to plant them and replant what Hurricane Ike destroyed.
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More: Galveston Re-Leaf: Free tree giveawayOaks, elms, Mexican plum trees and magnolia trees are among the trees to be given away. They are considered a green re-birth of Galveston. Two thousand young trees to reforest an island that's been without greenery for over a year.
'Galveston is completely barren at this point, very few trees made it. Over 30,000 trees didn't survive and here we are planting trees. It's great. We need shade for the parks and shade for the children, but the whole island needs a canopy,' said Roger Johnson, Galveston Superintendent of Parks.

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