Tuesday, November 17, 2009

iTree-ECO calculates nature's ecosystem services; Henderson, NC

Nature's value is priceless BlueRidgeNow.com Times-News Online Hendersonville, NC:
The U.S. Forest Service has a computer model that can produce a precise environmental and economic value for each tree. For example: A 50-foot oak tree in Hendersonville stores 1,476 kilograms of carbon and removes 124 grams of sulfur dioxide from the atmosphere each year. To remove that same amount of pollution would otherwise cost society $5.44 annually. Multiply that by the millions of trees in our region and the benefits of protecting our remaining forestland adds up.
If we can accept that our environment has ecological, economic and mental health benefits, then it's easier to understand that the organizations working to protect the health of our streams, forestland and farmland also have value to our community.

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