Friday, November 20, 2009

Planning board approves tree ordinance that would require arborists' licensing-awaits Council approval; Boulder, CO

Boulder board approves tree ordinance - Boulder Daily Camera:
Axing trees in Boulder might soon require cutting through some red tape first.
The Boulder Planning Board on Thursday night approved adding 'tree protection standards' to the city's code.
The ordinance, which still must be approved by the City Council, is the first part of a larger proposal that would make sweeping changes to how Boulder's estimated 400,000 public and private trees are planted, maintained and removed.
The changes approved by the Planning Board deal mostly with the licensing of arborists.
Anyone who charges fees to plant trees, prune them, cut them down or apply pesticides would be required to be licensed by the city, and any removal or replacement of trees in public right-of-ways would have to be done under the supervision of a certified arborist.

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