Monday, November 23, 2009

To accomodate construction, trees removed, then replanted, then removed - will be replanted; East Aurora, NY

Main Street Trees Re-Replanted
by Jeremy Morlock

When many trees along East Aurora’s Main Street were cut down in June 2008 as part of the State Department of Transportation’s reconstruction project, many local residents were sad to see them go, and shocked at the bareness of the street. When contractors started planting trees along the repaved roadway this month, passersby commented that they were glad to see the plants in place. When villagers notice that some of the new trees have since been removed, they may be puzzled.

In all, 17 newly planted trees between the Olean Street and Riley Street intersections of Main Street were to be uprooted. However, they have since been replaced with other trees. The reason is that the new trees were of the wrong species and didn’t fit with the most up-to-date plans for Main Street.

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