Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MAPLE SYRUP IN THE CITY - Tapping Our Urban Bounty!; Maplewood, Toronto, Canada

MAPLE SYRUP IN THE CITY - Tapping Our Urban Bounty! Aviva Community Fund:
Imagine a community where residents are connected to the environment around them, to each other, and to their food system. Imagine a community that operates on a “one-mile diet,” going beyond the 100-mile diet. Now imagine this in winter, when the maple trees that dot the city streets are magically awakened to produce sweet syrup for all to enjoy!
Yes, you know you want it to happen: MAPLE SYRUP IN THE CITY! Many city-dwellers (children and adults alike) rarely get the oh-so-Canadian experience of going to a maple syrup bush, so we thought we'd bring the sugar bush to them!

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