Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lowcountry residents allege trees needlessly "butchered, decapitated and chainsawed" by utility; James Island, SC

Lowcountry residents upset by city snipping tree canopy The Herald - Rock Hill, SC:
Utility workers say arborists helped with health plan
By Brian Hicks - The (Charleston) Post and Courier JAMES ISLAND -- James Island residents say the trees along Harbor View Road look like extras in a slasher film — they've been butchered, decapitated and chainsawed.
And they blame SCE&G for the slaughter.
Along the road, trees have been cut back at least 10 feet from power lines.
In some cases, oaks, crepe myrtles and even pecan trees have been cut into a less-than-appealing “Y” shape, as if they are perpetually dancing to the Village People.
Some people say it is downright ugly, others fear it's going to kill the trees.
“It's horrendous, and I believe there is a more conservative way to do it,” said Margaret Fabri, a local attorney. “They have ruined the canopy of these trees.”
Contractors for SCE&G have been on the island in recent weeks as part of the utility's routine trimming to keep the power lines clear.

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