Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bowie makes tree canopy expansion potential analysis part of city's annexation strategy; Bowie, MD

Annexation strategy for 2010
Another important factor supporting additional annexations is theCsity desire to increase its urban tree canopy UTCcoverage There are several areas where adjacent or nearby land is partially or completely wooded Adding these parcels to the City's incorporated area would help to increase the overall tree canopy coverage totals for the City. For example the majority of the previously mentioned McLaughlin property is wooded but is located outside ofthe City limits. Another wooded property the City owns outside the current boundaries is the Fladung property on strategic annexation that would increase the City's tree canopy coverage. Staff prepared a preliminary analysis of possible annexations that would be driven by the tree canopy expansion objective (see map in Attachment 2). One of the major attractions of this process is that the majority of this land is unimproved and therefore annexation will have little or no impact on City existing services.

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