Monday, December 7, 2009

"The tree is bound to get sacrified for the cause" of urban infrastructure; Mysore, India

Star Of Mysore Online:
Mysore, Dec. 7 (KMC)- This Honge tree (Pongamia pinnata) standing on the road's edge near a supermarket at Ballal Circle is dying slowly, eliciting concern from the tree lovers in that area.
The avenue tree, aged approximately 50 years and having dense foliage, had been providing ample shade for pedestrians.
However, it appears to be a victim of urbanisation — the leaves have been turning yellowish and branches gradually wilting — a slow but sure death for the tree and the cause for this is the grievous injuries inflicted on its roots a fortnight ago by the workers who dug up the tree's base to rectify the water supply pipeline.
An engineer in the Vani Vilas Water Works, when contacted in this regard, said that such incidents were common when it came to providing amenities in urban regions and had to be accepted by the people for their own good.
Trees should neither be planted above the water supply pipelines nor below the electricity cables, the engineer said and expressed his inability to prevent such 'untimely' deaths of trees.

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