Thursday, December 17, 2009

Management to facilitate tree growth, new tree plantings part of resevoir restoration plan; Roxborough, PA

Montgomery News:
Maintaining the site as open space has been a prime neighborhood goal. To this end Upper Roxborough Civic began to establish stewardship of the site two years ago, clearing some areas of invasive plants and planting natives. This year, utilizing funds from a city activities grant secured with the assistance of 4th District Councilman Curtis Jones Jr., whose office has been very supportive of these efforts, 1400 feet of woods on Summit Ave. from Lare St. to Eva St. were cleared of underbrush so that the tree canopy can expand. Several areas with no trees will be replanted next year. This effort is a textbook example of the potential benefits when we have cooperation between community volunteers, a concerned and expert non-profit (The Schuylkill Center), and local government, The Council Office and Fairmount Park Commission.

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