Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mature trees fall due to $11-million stimulus infusion - replanting to occur; Amherstburg, Ontario

Amherstburg, Ontario gets $11-million stimulus infusion – Daily Commercial News:
Archer described Laird Ave with its historic and expensive homes, and having a thick tree canopy, as a “jewel.” But there were a few problems with the layout.
Parking was ill-defined. “It could become just a mass of vehicles during special events,” he said.
As a result of the improvements, diagonal spots are clearly marked with decorative borders along with median bull noses that will contain planters. New curbs and gutters were also installed where ragged grass strips trailed-off into broken pavement.
The entire street had to be sunk two feet. The median was excavated including foliage along with some larger trees, provoking some public criticism.
Archer said the street had to be dropped “significantly” to alleviate water draining on to private properties at the north end. Some of the removed trees will be replanted but much of the new foliage will be young and small.

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