Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Green roofs are great but how about green rooms? Incorporating trees into indoor space and using biomimicry for structure and function in building; Portland, OR

Space Cadet: Fall 2009 Studio Project:
Here is an image of the building with the facade removed. You are looking at the office spaces. The floor plates have been staggered to create many double-height spaces that would allow you to grow 30 ft tall trees indoors. There are a few scientifically proven rules for spaces that enhance cognition-- high ceilings, natural light, and views to nature. To achieve this in an urban context I created places for tree canopy on a cascading series of green roofs. This reminds me of how trees can grow out of older and bigger trees, even 50 or 100 feet above ground, their roots following the tree down into the soil below.

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