Sunday, December 6, 2009

Man to donate tree-covered parcel to city for arboretum, possible tree nursery; Central Point, OR

Man to bequeath tree-covered acreage to city
CENTRAL POINT — An acre and a half of trees near Crater High School will one day serve as an arboretum, adding to the city's inventory of park space.
The property is the subject of a 'life deed,' in which property owner Wally Skyrman will pass the property on to the city at his death. The site has at times served as a tree nursery.
Skyrman, who declined to be interviewed, has owned the property, which was homesteaded by his family in the 1800s, for 50 years.
Parks and Recreation Manager Matt Samitore said the land is 'a beautiful site' with an extensive collection of mature trees, including some that could be recognized under the state's Heritage Tree program.
Samitore said preliminary plans for the site include an arboretum and educational center, and potentially an area for tree propagation that could provide replacement trees for the city's parks.

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