Thursday, December 24, 2009

Quarantine bugs ash producers; Batesville, IN

Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana - Quarantine bugs ash producers:
Ripley County became the 21st in Indiana to have EAB confirmed after an Adams Township landowner called Purdue University in November. Experts estimated the pest has been here for at least two or three years.
Because it was found near the county line, “I would bet you it's in Franklin County as well,” Ellis said.
First the township was quarantined, then the county, which means regulated items cannot be moved out of Ripley County except to any contiguous counties also being quarantined. “Finally, the federal government comes in and says you can't move quarantined items out of the state.”
Quarantined items include the insect itself; all hardwood firewood, not just ash; ash dunnage with crating; ash nursery stock; ash lumber and wood with bark attached; entire ash trees; ash limbs and branches; and uncomposted ash chips greater than 1 inch in diameter.

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