Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Philadelphia Tree Planting Part of Skyline Initiative - $150,000 federal investment leverages $3.75 million; Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Tree Planting Part of Skyline Initiative -- Environmental Protection:
The planting of 30 trees in a North Philadelphia park and neighborhood is one of many projects planned to make Philadelphia, Pa., a cleaner and greener city through Sustainable Skylines, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program to help improve air quality and find solutions for other local environmental issues.
'Our Sustainable Skylines partnership with the city and other concerned organizations has a clear goal in mind – cleaner air in a greener city,' said EPA Acting Regional Administrator William C. Early. 'We commend Philadelphia as a leader in sustainability.' Philadelphia is the third city in the nation chosen to pilot the program.

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  1. On Monday, November 30, the Barnes Foundation is going to cut down 28 London Plane trees on the Parkway to make way for the proposed new building. Did the Fairmount Park Commission lease include permission to cut a full row of trees? If not, is a specific permit or approval process necessary? Is there any limit, stated or implied, on the alteration of parkland itself by a lessee? What other alterations are in prospect, apart from the building and landscaping yet to be approved by the city? Who has decided which trees are "diseased," and what are the diseases they allegedly suffer from? Are all the trees on the leased property? Why do the trees need to be cut at this time, if at all? How many trees are in the "row," and which others are slated for cutting? Which "parkway institutions" were informed of the cut? Does the mayor's office know about it? Who compensates the public if the Parkway Barnes is never built, but city landscape is disfigured? Is there a way to seek an injunction?
    Do you care?


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