Monday, June 15, 2009

Ash borer attacks state fairgrounds; Twin Cities, MN | Twin Cities, MN | State Fair sticks it to the ash borer

By Jeff Olsen

If you've been to the State Fair You know part of it's charm is the canopy of trees hanging over the food booths and fun rides. But some of that scenery is in jeopardy. Still recovering from a bout with Dutch elm disease, State Fair officials are now battling a new foe- the emerald ash borer.
"We're being extremely aggressive. Our hope is that we can save most of these trees," State Fair Communications Manager Brienna Schuette said.
Ash trees-- in the shadows of the SpaceTower, in front of the Grandstand, behind the KARE Barn.
"We have 699 ash trees on the fairgrounds," Schuette continued.
And thanks to recent GPS mapping, they know the location to each and every one of them. It's the first step in the fair's battle plan against the emerald ash borer.

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