Monday, June 8, 2009

The emerald ash borer set to put North Dakota's 47 million ash trees at risk; ND

The emerald ash borer can’t be stopped, but it’s blow can be softened | Agweek | Midwest farm news and ranch news
Matt Bewley,Agweek
Published: 06/08/2009
It may be next year or three years from now, but one thing is certain: The emerald ash borer, which jumped from eastern Wisconsin to western Minnesota in one year, is coming to North Dakota. It might even be here now, according to Jeff Hahn, an extension professor in entomology for the University of Minnesota in St. Paul, where in May the emerald ash borer first was discovered in the state.
“In the cases where states have found it for the first time, when they really look closely at those sites, they discover it’s been there at least five-plus years,” he says.

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