Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Going green" has some N.J. residents seeing red; Hamilton, NJ

"Going green" has some N.J. residents seeing red | 6abc.com Green Living - 6/01/09 - Philadelphia News - 6abc.com
HAMILTON TWP., N.J. - June 1, 2009 (WPVI) -- Planting shade trees has led to anger, protest and one arrest in Hamilton Twp.
"I said I don't want any and I wound up with two," said James Lombardi.
Lombardo is one of many township residents upset with the state for planting shade trees on their streets even though they don't want them.
"It uproots the sidewalk and everything else, and then you're responsible for it," said Lombardo. "They're telling me I'm not, but they won't put it in writing. I just don't want it. I should have the option of [not] having a tree there."
About 300 trees have been planted as part of a Department of Environmental Protection community forestry project to build up the tree canopy in developed areas.
But along Elmore Avenue, residents like Mary Kate Cammarata are worried not just about raking leaves, but what tree roots could do if they grow into the underground pipes.
"God forbid if anything happens with my water or gas line," she said. "I'm responsible for it? They're not going to come fix it. Or what if my sidewalk lifts?"

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