Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rumored downtown clearcut not pending, but concerns have some basis; San Luis Obispo, CA

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If a person listened closely to the hum of rumors circulating around the streets of downtown SLO, craning to hear whispers between the creaking of giant trees and the murmur of traffic, they might have heard the one about how the city’s downtown “forest” is due to be clear-cut.

If they listened particularly closely, they might have heard that a certain commerce-oriented organization wanted to remove the leafy canopy and plant trees that are little more than twigs in their place.

Is there truth in this rumor? There is some, but there’s no cause for panic.

The city does have a plan to remove all of San Luis Obispo’s vaunted downtown trees—someday. According to city arborist Ron Combs, at the planned removal rate it would take between 50 and 60 years before the last of today’s canopy is torn out.

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