Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to the drawing board for proposed Dallas tree ordinance - provisions cited as vague, complicated, and lacking protection; Dallas, TX

Dallas - Unfair Park - Sure, Only God Can Make a Tree. But a New Dallas Tree Ordinance? That's Man-Made.
By Alexa Schirtzinger in News You Can Actually Use, ActuallyTuesday, Jun. 16 2009 @ 8:42AM
Monday's public hearing on changes to Dallas's tree ordinance -- Article X of the Dallas City Code, to be specific -- was quiet, cordial, and borderline erudite. Every commenter seemed as well-informed as he or she was passionate, and the breadth of experience -- from two former city council members to a certified landscape architect and representatives from several neighborhood and building associations -- almost eclipsed the fact that there were only eight people who actually commented during the two-hour meeting in a basement auditorium of City Hall.

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