Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Smells like tree spirit - tree hugger stands up for passage of long debated tree ordinance; Pensacola, FL

Timber! Tree debate stumps all | | Pensacola News Journal
Mark OBrien • June 17, 2009
The staffer dryly reminded the Pensacola City Council that it began looking at a tighter tree ordinance a few years ago after 'development in the northeast' drew attention.
Actually, what happened was that many people became rip-roarin' angry at the sight of large stands of trees clear-cut from huge lots on Bayou and Airport boulevards.The trees were hardly prize redwoods, but they did serve a purpose and have sentimental value.At least a valuable health care facility was built on the lot on Airport Boulevard. The lot on Bayou Boulevard produced little more than Rave 15, a theater that shows essentially the same movies you can see at the Rave 18 on W Street, a few miles away.

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