Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hampshire to counterattack after ash borers invade; Hampshire, IL

Hampshire to counterattack after ash borers invade :: The Courier News :: Local News
June 16, 2009
By DAVE GATHMAN dgathman@scn1.com

HAMPSHIRE — The emerald ash borer beetle has invaded a rising number of ash trees in Hampshire, and the village is mounting a counterattack.
Village Trustee Orris Ruth, chairman of the village board's fields and trails committee, said Monday that village officials will hire an arborist to inventory the status of each ash tree in Hampshire and probably will pass an ordinance requiring land owners with infected trees to cut them down. Ruth said he also expects the village board to amend existing ordinances so that developers no longer may plant new ash trees to satisfy their developments' landscaping requirements.

According to the Illinois Department of Agriculture's emerald ash borer Web site (www.agr.state.il.us/eab), the first Hampshire infestation was confirmed in December 2006 near Allen Road and Route 20. The site also states that the insect was found at Panama Avenue and White Oak Street on April 3 of this year."

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