Friday, June 5, 2009

Sudden storms bring surprise, downed trees; Knox County, TN

Storms wreak havoc in Corryton, N. Knox County: "KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) – Big storms surprised many across East Tennessee on Wednesday afternoon.
In North Knox County heavy wind, lightning and rain downed trees and even tour the roof off a building. That left many cleaning up into the evening. Volunteer TV News talked to several residents in the Fountain City and Corryton communities. They said the storm appeared to come out of nowhere.
'I was sitting in the Locker with two sick kids in my lap because they're scared to death of storms,” said Judy Williams.
'It came up in a hurry,” said Janie Haggard who was outside when it started, “I mean real bad because by the time I got from the dog house inside, I was soaking wet. I had to put new clothes on.'
Corryton seemed to get hit the hardest, with a handful of homes suffering serious damage. For Larry and Mildred Johnson, they weren't home but their loved one was.
'There was nobody in the house except for the dog,” said Larry Johnson, who came home to find a tree on his home. “It's a little Chihuahua and it scared her to death.'"

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