Monday, June 1, 2009

Now is the window of opportunity to kill young ash borers in Ohio area; Toledo, OH --Article published June 01, 2009
Early prevention urged to defeat emerald ash borer's new larvae
The adult emerald ash borer is a deadly pest for ash trees.
Now's the time to apply insecticide to ash trees you might be trying to save from a new crop of emerald ash borers.
The sooner, the better. If you fail to spray ash trees by the end of June, you should wait until fall or the spring of 2010, said Amy Stone, Ohio State University extension agent in Toledo.
Emerald ash borers are metallic-green, thumbnail-sized beetles that suck the life out of ash trees. They burrow beneath the bark and feed on its juicy cambium, a process that slowly starves trees. The insects attack only certain species of ash trees.

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