Monday, June 15, 2009

County sets urban design standards requiring pre-development tree survey and protection; Porter County, IN

Developers must protect trees :: Porter County :: Post-Tribune
June 11, 2009

By Jane Huh, Post-Tribune staff writer
Future property development will have to meet Porter County's new tree preservation standards.
The rules are the latest update to the county's unified development ordinance.
The Board of Commissioners is expected to adopt the proposal at the June 16 meeting, said Plan Commission Executive Director Robert Thompson.
The preservation rules pertain to future development proposals and to the unincorporated areas that are considered urban.
Among the benefits of protecting and promoting the 'tree canopy' are the reduction of air and noise pollution, maintaining community aesthetics and protecting habitats that hold rare or endangered species.
'A large part of it is to retain the feel and look for the county so we have that sense of hometown,' said Kevin Breitzke, county surveyor and plan commission member.
Development plans, subdivision applications and residential permits for parcels greater than five acres must include a tree preservation plan for approval.
The plan would include a preliminary tree survey and inventory.

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