Friday, June 5, 2009

"The Tree Counter" helps India's municipalities create and maintain tree census data using GIS and GPS; India

Meet the tree counter!

K. Sreedevi
2009-06-04 18:35:36
Last Updated: 2009-06-05 15:03:09

He revels in creating inventories of trees and keeps a tab on the number of trees in an area.
Meet Dr Ramesh Madav, Founder & CEO of Terracon Ecotech Pvt. Ltd whose vision is to maintain a census of all trees in the country. And to aid him in his mission, his company, Terracon Ecotech, has developed an indigenous software for maintaining a desktop inventory of trees in a particular area.
When asked why, he responds: ``You can even starve for 10 days but can you live without oxygen for a minute?``
An authority of tree census in India, Dr Madav has successfully tested the most modern census methods, using GPS and GIS technologies. He works closely with corporate and civic bodies to undertake environment-friendly solutions to save trees.

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