Sunday, January 17, 2010

The case for keeping Bolin Creek natural; Carrboro, NC The case for keeping Bolin Creek natural:
What an upside down world we live in: Through the middle of one of the most beautiful creek valleys and stretches of North Carolina deep woods, a paved transportation corridor is being considered.
Personally, I oppose any paving along the environmentally vulnerable Bolin Creek and its tributary, Dry Gulch Creek, which runs along the Town of Carrboro's Adam Tract and into Bolin Creek. Both these areas are under consideration as future transportation corridors.
Threatened is our last contiguous, large tract of land in our rapidly growing urban area, representing a creek valley of stunning natural beauty, important ecological value, much-needed serenity and great historical significance. A paved transportation corridor along Bolin Creek will change this area radically forever.

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