Monday, January 11, 2010

City to recognize Greenest Citizen on Arbor Day; North Point, FL

Seeking North Port's greenest citizen Sarasota Florida Southwest Florida's Information Leader:
The city plans to recognize an individual or couple who made an environmental contribution to North Port, through home improvements, lifestyle changes, public outreach or other means. Citizens can decide who receives the 2010 Greenest Citizen Award by voting on the city's Web site (, click on 'Arbor Day 2010' under the Living menu) through Wednesday.
This is the first year for the award, which city arborist Ryan Pieper says is to honor those working to improve their community, as well as draw attention to how everyone can help. Rather than make the selection himself, Pieper sought the input from citizens.
'It's an opportunity to showcase that we have people who are making strides every day,' Pieper said. 'I didn't just want people who plant trees. I wanted those who educate others and who live the lifestyle every day, too.'

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