Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mayor's Tree Commission delivers ten proposals from comprehensive review of existing program; Fort Wayne, IN

Mayor's Tree Commission recommends building on current forestry successes:
Mayor Tom Henry's tree commission has recommended the City of Fort Wayne's Parks and Recreation Department continue to build on the well-managed urban forestry program by creating a comprehensive approach to caring for the city's tree canopy.
“For a number of decades, the City of Fort Wayne has had strong, proactive care of our city's park and street trees. Our urban tree canopy is one of our community's greatest natural assets and this report's recommendations can help us preserve what we have while fostering an environment for new growth, so to speak,” Mayor Tom Henry said. “I would like to thank the ad-hoc commission members for their time and dedication to this report. They recognized the strengths of the Parks' forestry program and identified ways to advance it.”

The tree commission's report recommends transitioning from a focus on maintenance to a broader responsibility that becomes a comprehensive urban forestry program with continued public engagement and support.

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