Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board gets grant for proactive ash removal in anticipation of ash borer invasion; Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board - News & Events:
The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s (MPRB) battle against Emerald Ash Borer got a financial boost from a Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) grant. The MPRB’s Forestry Division received $98,400 as part of the MDA’s Forest Protection Reserve Planning and Preparedness Grant Program.
The grant monies will be used to proactively remove ash trees on boulevards, parks, golf courses and other City property; grind the resulting stumps; and replant diverse trees in a controlled and orderly manner.
According to Ralph Sievert, MPRB director of park forestry, emphasis will be placed on removing 300-400 declining or defective ash trees and replacing them with 350-450 new trees of diverse species. “Our effort will also include partnering with neighborhood organizations to educate residents of the Emerald Ash Borer threat and how the program will be implemented.”

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