Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sidewalk replacement practices questioned by tree group; Rutherford, NJ Sidewalk replacement questioned by tree group:
In the Boro of Trees, when a tree falls, people take notice.
On Dec. 29, a large tree on Wheaton Place in Rutherford fell due to high winds and a damaged root system. The tree took power lines and a telephone pole with it when it went down; the fallen pole landed on a car, blasting out the back window and damaging the rear of the vehicle.
The fallen tree has caused some residents to question the process of replacing sidewalks adjacent to large trees, and believe trimming or cutting the roots of those trees causes them to topple down much easier.
The Botti and Briscione families, who both live on Wheaton Place, were affected by the fallen tree. The Botti family lives across the street from the now-uprooted tree, and the tree crashed down inches from their doorstep.
When the tree hit a power line, it caused the pole in front of the Brisciones' to crash down on Emma Briscione's car. Emma had just been out and had exited her car minutes before the tree and the power line went down.
'We feel really lucky,' said Ed Briscione.

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